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In Bayesian clock dating, priors on times and rates are combined with the likelihood (the probability of the sequence data) to produce the posterior of times and rates. Statistical inference methodologies in which statistical distributions are used to represent uncertainties in model parameters.

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In 2017 SSON Analytics identified 190 SSCs across the Middle East and North Africa region.

This hypothesis has become a powerful tool in evolutionary biology, making it possible to use molecular sequences to estimate the geological ages of species divergence events. Provides a justification for the clock based on the idea that most amino acid changes may not change the structure and function of the protein.

With recent advances in Bayesian clock dating methodology and the explosive accumulation of genetic sequence data, molecular clock dating has found widespread applications, from tracking virus pandemics and studying the macroevolutionary process of speciation and extinction to estimating a timescale for life on Earth.

An example of using the molecular clock with genome-scale data sets to infer the timeline of diversification of modern mammals relative to the end-Cretaceous mass extinction.. In Bayesian clock dating, likelihood is calculated using the sequence data (and possibly morphological data) under a model of character evolution.