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Aired 5-6p ET • Source: Trump Knew in January That Flynn Misled FBI; Interview With California Congresswoman Jackie Speier; Trump Endorses Accused Child Molester Roy Moore for Senate; Trump Orders Historic Reduction of National Monuments.

I think the general subject often makes people uncomfortable I remember everyone including myself would be super immature about it in year 7 and even in year 10 but it's a pretty serious topic and I think the only way to break down that stigma is more education General information about psychologically abusive relationships and more about saying no if you're put in a position where you don't want to be sexually intimate should be talked about and definitely more focus on the other side of that, like understanding if someone isn't interested and how to take no for an answer The teens described healthy relationships with their parents, with Tim saying his would "fill in the gaps" in his knowledge if he had questions.

The three panelists bonded over their lack of formal sex education at school.“Teens used the service to flirt through text, engaging in a form of written flirtation that looked a lot more like letter-writing practices decades before,” says Danah Boyd, author of “It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.” That written flirtation allowed young women to construct their identities as carefully as their away messages.

But online, my friends and I who fashioned ourselves as budding intellectuals who didn’t need to always talk like characters in a Woody Allen movie.

There's way too many young people (mostly men) who seem to have little knowledge about the boundaries of consent and clearly demonstrate a weakness in the system I feel like you get quite a lot of those relationships where the boy is very controlling and won't allow the girl to post certain things or talk to other boys although they wouldn't meet these standards themselves or vice versa and you have the really controlling girlfriend.

What sex education did cover was fairly doom and gloom with little focus on pleasure or even consent, they said.

Aired 6-7p ET • GOP to Repeal Tax Cut Plan, Rubio & Corker Signal Support; Trump Renews Attack on FBI, Denies Russia Collusion; Trump Lawyers to Meet with Special Counsel; GOP Reveals Final Tax Bill Details; Possible Purge In North Korea As Top General Goes Missing.

Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Touts Tax Win after Stunning GOP Loss in Alabama; Deputy AG Defends Mueller Probe Amid Claims of FBI Bias; Trump Touts Tax Win After Humiliating GOP Loss in Alabama; Counterterrorism Official Criticizes Trump Anti-Muslim Rhetoric.News anchor David Muir knew he wanted to be a journalist by the time he hit double digits.Real Life Water Rats is a four part series that follows an elite police enforcement team from Tasmania's Marine and Rescue Division.The series explores the successes and failures of the war and how the war on Terror has changed our lives.It asks the men and women who fought Australia’s longest war if they would ever return to fight in Afghanistan.Shake off those cobwebs and take a bracing walk with Bambi…