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"Yield, wield vision's shield," and remember the days when we looked for love.The news station also reported that fans began arriving to pay respects first thing yesterday morning.

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Try it not only co-workers, but also with family and friends. To grasp each idea one at a time helps your reader follow your train of thought. Email is full of unrealistic demands where everything is urgent. You can amend what you intended to say based on the responses you are receiving. Without the benefit of tone of voice or facial expression to soften what you are saying, your words on their own in an email might be perceived as brusque or rude, (even if that is not your intention). possibility A Customs Officer writing to an importer might include, ‘You must comply with the law by. .’ But consider the use of ‘You must comply with the law by . – Read the entire book online at: a Business Writing course for your group of 10-16 staff in your organisation’s training room in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and around Australia, visit our Business Writing training web page Here are 10 quick spelling tips to help you decode unfamiliar words: 1. Ever composed an email to persuade your reader to take an action or motivate them to agree to an idea or opinion? Here’s a BFIR (Behaviour – Feeling – Impact – Result) verbal template you can use to guide a change in behaviour. Assertiveness Template Have you ever wondered the best way to give feedback about poor performance that does not alienate the receiver or create friction? Mistake #3: Using too formal language ‘Enclosed herewith please find …’ Do you talk that way? Mistake #4: Run-on sentences and comma-splices I like chocolate ice-cream she likes vanilla. Adding a comma after ‘ice-cream’ or ‘dinner’ does not fix the problem. Shorten long Sentences Long sentences make an email appear wordy. Locate each time you write ‘and’, combining two ideas. take ing = taking change ing = changing close ing = closing ‘Aging’ vs. Write with a reader-focus, emphasising ‘you’ rather than ‘I’. Mistake #5: Using passive voice instead of active Consider this sentence: The chair was broken by Jim. And when you get good at doing it in five, aim for three! Except when it sounds like A as in ‘neighbour’ or ‘weigh’. Drop the E To add -ING to a word ending with a silent E, drop the E. Googlefight compares usage of two search terms and often settles any argument. There are lists of commonly confused words on the net. The remarks of a volunteer editor were also very useful.

"I, in a wind on fire, from green Adam's cradle, no man more magical, clawed out the crocodile." - Dylan Thomas At galaxy M51's bottom, a Spelling Bee under Ruby Slippers (!" Above: "Moses", The Gator on Mars, an "ignore ant" spirit who can bull his way through and have a ball.However, he may have to please the Parent Teacher Association eventually. Since I computer-checked my web pages, I have discovered my characteristic spelling errors, which I have recently corrected in my books. Dynamic active voice: – uses fewer words – is to the point – is more direct – sounds better – reads better. These spellings are for American English and not British English or any other language. The words come in pairs the first word is a misspelling and the second wordis the correct spelling. ‘When you (arrived late to the meeting) I felt (frustrated) Because (we lost time recapping what had already been discussed) And what I’d like to see in future is (you arrive a few minutes early so the meeting can start sharp on time). ’ This Leadership tactic is used universally by mentors and coaches. Add a full stop or period to end the first sentence; start a fresh sentence where the ‘and’ would have been. Subject Headers Using old subject headers when the topic has changed is frequently listed as a major irritation that often creates confusion. Know when to pick up the phone If you find yourself rewriting the same paragraph over and over or struggling to find just the right words, there’s a 50/50 chance your email will be misunderstood. Complaint #3: Negative tone A live conversation over the phone or face to face is two-way. What if they wrote instead, ‘Please comply with the law by . Here are some ‘command’ words to avoid in business writing: – ‘Cluetrain Manifesto: the end of business as usual’ by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Hardie Grant Books Australia, Perseus Books USA, 2000.

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