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It tasted so delicious where I gobbled it all down and traces of it lingered along my tongue with full scent of cum lingering for hours. When you drive in, try not to break your car on all the potholes. They won't break a twenty and don't like giving ones, so take your own. Within minutes, an older, big married cock popped through for a blowjob to completion and he shot a big load down my throat.

The parking lot was dead but as I was leaving a small SUV was pulling in. I sucked him til he was hard and turned around and backed up to the hole. After lubing both of us up I assumed my position and was rewarded with him burying himself as deep as the wall would allow. I will be stopping in again the first week of February and hope to have the same luck!He immediately pulled it out, wiped it off and cut out.Right then, I shot my load like a fountain, eleven big spurts and I sat there shaking. The clerk was a pest over the loudspeaker, constantly reminding people "one to a booth," "lock your doors," and "put more money in." I left very quickly as I felt as though I was being stalked over the security cameras. for a four-hour pass and people are still quite selective here. I saw a big, double gloryhole set up at the right height for me to sit and suck, or bend over and pump a hard one until it shoots.Got to suck a nice blond boy there who shot a big load and came three times. Also, you can't leave the doors unlocked because the new springs on the doors open them right back up. It took to enter and they give you fake cash, then I put a into the machine and waited patiently.After the first buck, he put three more in and stood up, and put a very perfect uncut cock through.

I sucked him until he started face fucking, then put my ass to the hole. " and then slowly put his cock in, fucking me for about ten minutes, finally shooting another enormous load up my ass.

I licked him clean (balls and all) and again, waited a few minutes.

The next guy just looked at my hard and dripping cock, unzipped and put his white hairy and thick cock through the hole.

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