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Input from other fields such as anthropology, history and linguistics is required for a better understanding and interpretation of the genetic data.The dataset has 36 mitochondrial genomes including all eight Q3 sequences, 17 Q1, three Q2 genomes from Friedlaender et al. [36], together with the seven additional Q2a genomes reported here.

A major focus now, with regard to Polynesian ancestry, is to address the differences and timing of the ‘Melanesian’ contribution to the maternal and paternal lineages as people moved further and further into Remote Oceania.

Of course we cannot reject upfront a founder effect specific to Poland but what about Ukraine, which was almost totally oblivious to the Balcano-Danubian Neolithic phenomenon?

The other focus is H6, which is found almost only among Ukranian and Czechs of the four target populations.

Generally speaking H6a and the most rare H6c are European, while H6b is Central and West Asian.

In spite of its extreme rarity, the authors detected H6c in three individuals (one Czech, one Pole and one Slovak), all non-Slavic H6c are from Central-West or NW Europe (or from unknown locations).

Our major finding is the definition of two ancient sublineages of L0k (L0k1b and L0k2) that are present almost exclusively in Bantu-speaking populations from Zambia; the presence of such relic haplogroups in Bantu speakers is most probably due to contact with ancestral pre-Bantu populations that harbored different lineages than those found in extant Khoisan.

We suggest that although these populations went extinct after the immigration of the Bantu-speaking populations, some traces of their haplogroup composition survived through incorporation into the gene pool of the immigrants.Based on these speculative methods they argue that several Slavic-specific clades within H5 may be contemporary in origin with U4a2, common in Central and Eastern Europe.They consider both to be roughly from Early Neolithic times.According to archaeological records and historical documentation, Italy has been a melting point for populations of different geographical and ethnic matrices.Although Italy has been a favorite subject for numerous population genetic studies, genetic patterns have never been analyzed comprehensively, including uniparental and autosomal markers throughout the country.The network has been proved the shortest possible (the minimum number of mutations) by using the techniques in Pierson et al. Differences in branching between the four equally parsimonious trees occur in the Q3 subgroup.

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