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The show itself bears no "created by" credit, although it gives "developed by" credits to Bernard Sahlins and Andrew Alexander.In 1976, Andrew Alexander (then the producer of Toronto's Second City stage show) was looking to expand his company into the realm of TV production.

Alexander remained as producer and executive producer throughout SCTV's run.

After episode three of the second season, Ramis was no longer in the cast but continued to receive credit as the show's head writer until towards the end of the season.

The show was off the air for the 1979–80 season, but returned to production after producer Andrew Alexander and Allarcom-ITV Edmonton owner Charles Allard struck a deal to produce SCTV at ITV Studios in Edmonton, Alberta.

Moranis, a friend of Dave Thomas and primarily known as a radio personality in Canada, would be the only cast member not to have come from the ranks of Second City. In 1981, SCTV was picked up as a 90-minute show by NBC as a replacement for the cancelled Friday variety show The Midnight Special.

This season of the show was seen in Canada on the CBC, and in scattered markets in the U. Less than two months after Season 3 ended, SCTV was back on the air for Season 4, airing first as SCTV Network 90, then as SCTV Network, late Friday nights.

All of the original cast except Harold Ramis were from the Toronto branch of The Second City theatre improv troupe; Ramis was a Second City veteran, but with the Chicago troupe.

The original SCTV cast consisted of John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Harold Ramis, and Dave Thomas.Sahlins stayed for the first two seasons as a producer.Patinkin was a first-season writer and de facto editor and post-production supervisor. SCTV was initially produced in 1976 at the Toronto studios of the Global Television Network, then a small regional network of stations in Southern Ontario.For the first six episodes, new episodes were seen once a month.For the next seven episodes (beginning in February 1977, and continuing through the spring of 1977) new episodes were seen bi-weekly.Several "shows" are seen regularly on SCTV, including SCTV News; soap opera The Days of the Week; late night movie features Monster Chiller Horror Theater and Dialing For Dollars; and Great White North (a show centered around two Canadian 'hosers'), among others.

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